Shoot Rules:
Rules – All Events
  • Glasses and hearing protection must be worn.
  • Actions are to be left open until the shooter is in the shooter’s box.
  • No shot larger than 7 1/2.
  • Choke tubes may be used, however they may not be changed once each event has started.
  • Full length tubes and inserts may be used but the shooter will not be afforded the handicap of the smaller gauge.
  • Full length tubes and inserts will not be allowed for the All Bore Event.
  • Leaving the safety on will not result in a lost target. Except in the pigeon ring where the target will be declared as lost.
  • The first shooter at the station may request see birds. Except for Pigeon Ring. Please do not ask to shoot extra birds at the station. Do not shoot a second shot at pieces of the broken bird on singles.
Sporting Clays Rules (88 Birds)
  • National Sporting Clays Association rules will be followed in the event of a broken bird.
    • Report Pairs:
      • Second bird broken – pair must be shot over with the results of the first bird established
    • True Pairs:
      • Any bird broken – pair must be shot over with no results established
Pigeon Ring Rules (30 Birds)
  • Shooters will be pre-squaded.
  • Two wobble traps will be used.
  • Shooters will attempt report pairs from each peg.
  • The first shooter will not be allowed to see an initial bird. No extra birds will be allowed to be shot.
  • There may be up to a 3 second delay between the call and the release of the bird.
  • The token (ribbon) must fall on or inside the ring to be called “dead”.
  • Any missed target or token (ribbon) not falling on or inside the ring will be called “lost”.
  • Broken Targets:  If a broken target is thrown it will be replaced as a single. Only one shot will be allowed at this target.
  • Targets with NO token (ribbon): Some targets have a token (ribbon) attached to bottom of the target and may not be visible to the shooter. The shooter will attempt ALL targets. If the target is missed, it will be scored as a LOSS. If the target is hit and the trapper declares no token it will be declared NO BIRD and repeated as a single. Only one shot may be taken at the single.
  • Safety left on or shooter malfunction will be called a “lost bird”.
  • Do not attempt a target if you think it is not safe to do so. The trapper will throw a replacement. Only one shot may be taken at a single replacement.
Hunters 5 Stand (30 Birds)
  • Rules same as for Sporting Clays
Handicap System (To be determined for 2020 shoot)

Sporting Clays:      12 gauge = 0    &  16 gauge = 0   &  20 gauge = 3    &  28 gauge = 6    &  410  = 12

Hunters 5 Stand:   12 gauge = 0   &   16 gauge = 0   &   20 gauge = 1   &   28 gauge = 2   &   410 = 4

Pigeon Ring:          No Handicap

Scoring System
High Over All (HOA)
Each shooter will be ranked, first through last, in each of the three scheduled events. (high score = 1)Ties in each event for 1st place
1st tie breaker is longest run anywhere in event
2nd tie breaker is longest run from front
3rd tie breaker is longest run from back
4th tie breaker is coin flip
Rankings in each of the three main events will be added. The shooter with the lowest total is HOA.Ties for HOA
1st tie breaker is total handicapped score of all three events
2nd tie breaker is sporting clay score
3rd tie breaker is 5 stand score
4th tie breaker is pigeon ring score
5th tie breaker is coin flip

 Number of targets at each event is subject to change.