DDG Shoot and COVID-19 Virus Update:

MAY 20, 2020 UPDATE:  Unfortunately we are cancelling the Duluth Double Gun Side X Side Classic for 2020. We have been monitoring how the State would deal with the COVID-19 issue and in their latest update they are holding true to not allow larger group events. We had previously decided if the Duluth Air Show cancelled the week before our shoot we would cancel as well. Today the Air Show made the decision to postpone their event till 2021. We discussed this with Old Vermilion Trail Sporting Clays and decided the direction the State is going and the complex protocal needed to keep the shoot safe for all involved it was in the best interest for all involved to cancel our shoot.

We hope you will plan to attend our shoot next year on July 22 – 24, 2021.




As of May 11, 2020 we are continuing to move forward with the Duluth Double Gun Side X Side Classic on July 23 – 25, 2020. We are monitoring the Governor’s directions relating to our shoot. Old Vermilion Trail Sporting Clays is open at this time following all the guidelines to insure all attending are safe.  We will update this page when there is information that pertains to a shooting event like ours.

If you have already registered you have nothing else to do. If you plan to shoot and have not registered please register by July 1 so we can plan on how many will be attending and get the squadding completed. At this time when you register DO NOT send any money with the registration. This will make it easier if the event has to be cancelled. 

I know everone would like to get out and attend our shoot. We must be safe so we will be working with Old Vermilion Trail S C  to comply with any requirements.

If you have any questions email us at  duluthdoublegun@gmail.com or call Randy at 218.269.9152